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Specialty Window Coverings

IRIS Window Coverings offers a variety of specialty window covering products to provide solutions to fit unique exterior and interior privacy and light control needs in both manual and motorized systems. We are well known for our expertise in engineered specialty automated window covering systems for multi-story office spaces as well as elegant shade and blind solutions for every space in your home's interior or exterior spaces. Let us help design your next specialty solution for home or commercial building.

Unique Solutions - with Numerous Material & Color Options

Over 30 years of providing superior Window Covering products and services.

IRIS Window Coverings Skylight Shading Products

Skylight Shading Systems
Skylight windows provide rooms with a brighter and more open feeling. IRIS Window Coverings offers a wide range of Skylight Shading Systems to choose from that will help keep your home or large space comfortable all year round.

Features of Skylight Shading Systems
- Available in Motorized or Manual
- Privacy & controls brightness
- Offer UV protection to the room
- Numerous styles and designs

IRIS Window Coverings Coiled Wire Fabric Mesh Screen Drapery Systems Products

Coiled Wire Fabric
These coiled wire mesh fabric screening solutions can be built to almost any customer specification needed; virtually unlimited widths and up to 40' in length.

Features of Coiled Wire Fabric Drapery Systems
- Available in Motorized or Manual
- Privacy & light control
- Artful room dividers / decoration
- Varied styles and colors

IRIS Window Exterior Shading Solutions Products

Exterior Shading Solutions
Our outdoor exterior shading solutions can be as elaborate as a structure which includes motorized louvers and shades to simple screens or awnings customized to your outdoor space.

Features of Exterior Structural Shading Solutions
- Available in Motorized or Manual
- Privacy & light control
- 100's of design choices
- Varied configurations and materials available

IRIS Window Coverings Traversing Drapery Products

LouverShade™ Systems
LouverShade™ specialty window covering solutions is a unified concept comprised of three distinct characteristics that encapsulate together daylight harvesting, glare control and intelligent control.

Features of LouverShade™ Systems
- Individually controlled set or groups
- Timer & remote controlled options
- Powered & manual tilt lift options
- Five unique reflective surfaces

IRIS Window Coverings Pirouette Window Shadings Products

Pirouette Window Shadings
If you're looking for clean lines and straightforward design for bedroom or office space the Pirouette Window Shadings can offer a modern alternative to traditional fabric shades.

Features of Pirouette Window Shadings
- Available in Motorized or Manual
- Bold fabrics & colors available
- Offer UV protection to the room
- Numerous styles and shapes

IRIS Window Coverings Silhouette Window Shadings Products

Silhouette Window Shadings
With Silhouette Window Shading systems you can effortlessly manage light and privacy at the same time. Silhouette Window Shadings feature unique S-shaped vanes that float between two sheer panels of fabric to diffuse light.

Features of Silhouette Window Shadings
- Available in Motorized or Manual
- Privacy & light control
- Offer UV protection to the room
- Numerous styles and designs

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Providing external light control, privacy, & security customized to our customer's needs & specifications since 1984.

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